Alumni Services

Access Policy

  • Alums are granted lifetime courtesy access to the library
  • Simply sign in at the circulation desk when you enter the library


Membership is NOT required to use the law library in Concord. However, a year of free membership is offered after graduation. Membership offers alumni additional services including:

 Westlaw Pro   is   * F - R - E - E *

  • Westlaw Pro is available free of charge in the library to all alumni.
  • No password is needed.
  • Two dedicated terminals on the main floor of the Library.
  • Printing is available from attached printers.
  • Westlaw PRO functions similarly to Westlaw for law schools:

    • "Find" many primary documents by their citation or name;
    • "KeyCite" documents to validate and to update;
    • Choose databases by identifier or from the Directory;
    • Search using "Terms & Connectors" (Boolean) or "Natural Language" (sentences);
    • Search using "KeySearch" (categorized legal topics and subtopics);
    • Search using West "Topic and Key Numbers" (using a 3-digit number for the topic);
    • Limit or restrict searches using "Locate" and other features;
    • Link from retrieved documents to documents cited in hypertext; and

WestlawPRO gives you access to the following content:

  • Primary Materials
  • Encylopedias
  • Basic Secondary Sources
  • Form Books
  • Periodicals
  • Other Secondary Materials