Educational Technology Support for Faculty

For information on live event web streaming, video-conferencing, equipment listings, tutorials on how to use classroom a/v equipment, and additional services that are available, please contact "AJ" (Adam Kierstead), at ext. 1127.

  • The law library's Educational Technology Committee (ETC) librarians support law faculty's educational use of technology.  (Committee Members:  Melanie Cornell, Jon Cavicchi, Tom Hemstock, and Matthew Jenks)

Need help?  Contact ETC for assistance with technology topics such as follows, or to alert us to content you would like to see added or updated.

Topics and associated tools referenced here are to illustrate the nature of assistance we might provide, not to place limits.  Since we may somteimes be teaching ourselves as we go, please allow sufficient time for us to best assist you.

Audio files create/modify/add sound files; engage attention to presentations and web sites
Blogs create/promote your own blog, including incorporating RSS feeds
Bookmarking save bookmarks to travel with you to any PC
Citation formatting batch format scholarly citations
Current Awareness set up automated notices from relevant sources
Data Analysis compare and/or filter empirical data for fuller comprehension
Digital editing create/modify video, audio or image files
File Sharing collaborate with others using free web utilities
Image Files create/modify/add image files; engage attention to presentations and web sites
Mobile Applications put that iPhone/iTouch/iPad to work with relevant apps
Online Chat communicate live, online, via text messaging
Presentation software integrate audio/video into Powerpoint + emerging techniques such as mind maps
Remote Access access your files or even your computer's desktop from any PC
RSS use RSS feeds to keep up to date on the legal blogosphere
Scheduling coordinate schedules using free resources such as Doodle
Screen Capture grab relevant content from your screen, mark it up for clarity - a picture's worth a thousand words…
Self-organization organize research, manage time, find important files when you need them, create a personal home page
Social Networking promote scholarship, communicate with students, and create an online presence effectively using social networking platforms
Video Files create/modify/add video files; engage attention to presentations and web sites
Web Browsing tap into relevant content via public bookmarking tags, discover new information using StumbleUpon, resist digression using Read It Later
Web course management maximize features of TWEN and Web Courses
Web Sites (building) create basic webpages