Interlibrary Loan Services

Interlibrary loan is a cooperative arrangement with other libraries that enables us to make available to you items not in the Law Library collection. Once a request for material is received, a search is conducted to find the nearest participating library with the item.

Interlibrary loan privileges are extended to current students, faculty, and staff.

Before Requesting Interlibrary Loan of Materials

The first step you must take before requesting material on interlibrary loan is to make sure the item is not a part of the Law Library collection.  You do this by thoroughly checking the online catalog, MELcat . Next, check the item's availability through full text electronic databases such as Hein Online. If you're unsure of how to use these resources, please ask.

After determining that the book or journal article you desire is not a part of our collection, nor available electronically, contact Kathy Fletcher to request the item. Requests can be made:

  • in person
  • by filling out a form located in a folder on her door
  • via email ( ) **Preferred**
  • via voice mail (extension 1131)

How Long Does It Take?

The time taken for an interlibrary loan item to arrive depends on the difficulty of the request and how close the lending library is to the Law School.  Most items arrive within five to ten days. If it becomes necessary to have a library outside of New England fill the request, it may take two weeks or longer.

Notification & Pick Up

You will receive a notice of the arrival of interlibrary loan material via email or the material may be placed in your mail slot. Journal articles will be emailed or placed in your mail slot.

Books may be picked up on the wooden book cart just outside Kathy Fletcher's office door. Books should be returned to the same wooden cart on the lower shelf. Please do not remove the ILL book band or sticker.

Interlibrary loan books from other libraries are already "checked out" so, you don't need to bring them to the circulation desk before taking them out of the library.

Loan Period

The loan period is determined by the lending library.  In general, it is usually two weeks for books. Periodicals are rarely available for loan, but articles may be photocopied in accordance with the copyright laws.  Photocopied articles need not be returned.


Some lending libraries will not renew interlibrary loan books, but many will. Requests for renewing a book must be made through the Interlibrary Loan office on or before the due date.