LANDAU - Cynthia R. Landau (Professor Emerita)

Prof. Cynthia R. Landau

Librarian Emeritus
B.A., Park College
M.L.S., University of Missouri at Columbia
J.D., Franklin Pierce Law Center


Updated: July 10, 2013



  • State Practice Materials:  Annotated Bibliographies (Frank G. Houdek ed., 2002; publication #63 from the American Ass'n of Law Libraries series of publications, published by William S. Hein & Co.) in progress.
  • Researching New Hampshire 's Version of Uniform and Model Laws, 41 N.H. B.J. 10 (2000).
  • Using Print Resources to Research the New Hampshire Statutes, 41 N.H. B.J. 14 (2000).
  • Researching the New Hampshire Statutes Electronically, 41 N.H. B.J. 24 (2000).
  • The History and Organization of New Hampshire Statutory Law, 41 N.H. B.J. 32 (2000) (with Susan Marshall).


  • IP, Commerce and Technology Collection Development at Pierce Law Library (Panelist on Collection Development, Ass'n of NH Law Librarians, Wiggin & Nourie, P.A., Dec. 13, 2005).*
  • Basic Legal Research (NH Library Ass'n, 2000).*
  • Basic Legal Research (Education Law Institute, Franklin Pierce Law Center, 2000).*

*Materials on file with the author.