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IP Library Provides Most up to date America Invents Act analytical content

The publishing industry is catching up with blogs, newsletters, social media, CLE and professional association meetings with recently released treatises on the America Invents Act. If you want to increase your exposure to this content - the books have arrived and will be cataloged very soon. They are currently with Matt Jenks, Cataloger. If there are other AIA titles we need to hold, please notify me. Enjoy.

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"One L of a Year" / by Leah M. Christensen



Main Stacks : KF283 .C485 2012

One L of a Year / Leah M. Christensen


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Library Late Fees? Now is the time!

Library Late Fees?  “Scrub” them away!

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Patents, Pizza and Points

DAY: 11/15




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Free Web Resources available

The UNH Law Library keeps track of new free resources here. Recently added resources include:

1. Doing Business. "The Doing Business law library is the largest free online collection of business laws and regulations. We link to official government sources wherever possible. Translations are not official unless indicated otherwise. We update the collection regularly but are unable to guarantee that laws are the most recent version."

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Effective Courtroom Advocacy / by Joseph F. Anderson Jr.

Main Stacks:  KF8915 .A7553 2010

Effective Courtroom Advocacy / John F. Anderson Jr.

Trial practice -- United States.

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Law Library Open on Columbus Day

The UNH Law Library will be open our normal hours of 8:00am until Midnight on Columbus Day this Monday.

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Learning BloombergLAW value added together...

BloomberLAW is new to UNH Law. We are learning its place along side Lexis, Westlaw and open web sources. Emulating Wexis, Bloomberg now has topical email based news alerts as well as a blog with podcasts.

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Westlaw in Trouble AGAIN!

A report from our friends at SpicyIP. Seems West might be getting their cases from all the wrong places?

The District Judge of Lucknow has passed an interim injunction against Thomson Reuters and its Indian operations Westlaw and Indlaw – Defendants, for infringing the copyright of Eastern Book Company’s (EBC)-Plaintiffs, law report, Supreme Court Cases (SCC). 

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