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Social Media and Technology Bibliography

In addition to legal books the UNH Law Library also contains resources on other topics such as social media, teaching with technology and more. Check out this bibliography of social media resources in our collection.

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UNH Law Negotiates Training Program with Pantros IP Patent Search Platform : “Google On Steroids”

Welcome From Pantros IP Web (formerly Patent Cafe)

That’s what BusinessWeek called Pantros IP’s Latent Semantic Analysis (LSA) search engine technology. ProSearch™ is the world's leading artificial intelligence search engine for patents.

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Free Books for Students

The law library has a cart of free books for students! Textbooks (both old and new editions), study guides, and misc. material are all sitting on a cart waiting to be adopted. Please stop by and take a few. The cart is located on the main floor by the circulation desk.

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What do law librarians do at law librarian conferences?

I'll be attending the AALL (American Association of Law Libraries) in Boston this July. So what will I be doing? Glad you asked!

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Renew Your Books Online

Renew your books online. Save time and gas. Never have another late fee!

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This Week in Mining Patents Course

Jon Cavicchi and Nancy Lee from Thomson/Derwent teach global patent sources and how that information is delivered to patent professionals in the World Patent Index (DWPI). Description from our friends at Thomson:

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Patent lawyer relies on mobility to boost client service, lower cost.

A story from Westlaw NEXT.NOTES

Mobile technology is changing the face of legal research. In this new article, Houston-based attorney Tim Johnson and Jeff Richardson, author of "iPhone J.D., Lawyers Using iPhones and iPads," discuss how mobile technology—particularly the WestlawNext iPad app—helps legal professionals improve responsiveness and client service anytime, anywhere. Read the full article on the WestlawNext Resource Center.

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New Library Summer Hours

Our hours have changed for the summer. Check out the schedule for May, June, and July.

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Summer Access to Westlaw, LexisNexis and BloombergLaw

Your Westlaw and LexisNexis passwords will only have limited summer access unless you renew. You can renew your passwords if you meet certain criteria.


You may renew your Westlaw password if you meet any of these categores:

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Bloomberg Law Now Available to UNH Law Students

UNH Law students now have access to the newest legal research database - Bloomberg Law. This service is aiming to be a direct competitor to LexisNexis and Westlaw. Cases, statutes, regulations, dockets, and many secondary sources are available. Additionally, your passwords to Bloomberg Law have no summer restrictions (use as much as you want no matter where you work!).

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