Marking Passages, Preserving the Past: Beginnings (Update)

In the previous posting the infamous First Graduating Class of 1974 photo disappeared off the blog post at some point! (it was there the first few days).  Here is a reposting of the Blog Entry Plus Photo.  Enjoy!

"Here are a few photos of the new "digs", as well as a photo of another sort of beginning - the first graduating class at Franklin Pierce Law Center, Class of '74! This is going back a ways, folks. See anyone you recognize?"



Marking Passages, Preserving the Past : a New Archive for UNH Law

The University of New Hampshire School of Law Institutional Archive "began" on 9/9/2015 with the idea of preserving our school’s past and documenting the history of the school (both as UNH Law and as Franklin Pierce Law Center) in a centralized location.  The project is still in its infancy, relatively speaking, and not yet "open for business", but we are moving forward steadily.  Below is a draft for the proposal which states in clear terms the ultimate purpose(s) of the UNH Law Archive:

Hundreds of Legal eBooks now Available on Lexis Overdrive

Hundreds of eBooks are now available at UNH Law's new overdrive platform. You can virtually check out these books using your UNH ID barcode. This resources is available to all current students, staff, faculty and all alumni. 

Titles include:

Study guides (Q & A Series, Understanding and more)*

Practice Books




*Study guides not available for alumni.