Marking Passages, Preserving the Past : Throwback Thursdays - In the Beginning Was the Barn . . .

Greetings All, and Happy Thursday!  We will slowly work our way forward in time, but here are a few more nuggets from the very early days of Franklin Pierce Law Center (now the University of New Hampshire School of Law). Most interesting, I think, is the bottommost photo, showing a busy hallway between classes.  What you are looking at is now the entrance to the library on the main floor!  A lot of renovations between then and now.  Times may change, but the spirit of UNH Law remains the same (now even higher in the rankings as a top 100 law school).  Slante!

Thousands of eBooks Added to Library Catalog

Thousands of new eBooks are now available to our community thanks to the Library's continued cooperation with the larger UNH system. These titles, mostly non-legal subjects, are integrated into the catalog directly. Information on accessing eBooks and other databases off campus is available here

Now Playing at the IP Mall : Bayh Dole Research & History Central

Bayh Dole Central was created several years ago I was approached by Visting Professor Karen Hersey who had been longtime IP Counsel for MIT. It was the 30th anniversay of the Bayh Dole Act, described below. She requested the IP Mall to create a site to commemorate the Act and the founding fathers. These men would be but a footnote in history at best.

Marking Passages, Preserving the Past : Throwback Thursdays - Classic Interiors

Happy Thursday!  On this episode of Classic Interiors, we take a look at Franklin Pierce Law Center (now UNH School of Law) circa 1989, approximately 27 years ago.  We see the lobby as it used to be, with the stylish, semi-circular Information Desk in the very front near the main door.  Holding down the fort as ever is our beloved Jan Neuman, a stalwart symbol of all that is Franklin Pierce and UNH School of Law for many years (we miss you, Jan)!

Now Playing at the IP Mall : Decision of the Appeals Board - U.S. Copyright Office

This is the first in a series of posts highlighting the collections of the IP Mall open source website serving the IP community.

Marking Passages, Preserving the Past : Throwback Thursdays - Obiter Dictum (UNH Law's First Publication)

Happy Thursday, All!  In this installment of Throwback Thursdays, we highlight an item few alumni, faculty, staff or students of UNH Law have ever seen before:  Franklin Pierce Law Center's first publication - Obiter Dictum.  This journal (or magazine) was begun in March of 1975, almost 41 years ago!  It was meant to be a look at the world and philosophy of Law from an irreverent and (somewhat) archival perspective.  The writing is high quality, insightful and literary.  This first issue was published in 1975.  No PC!  No cell phone or iPhone, no Inte

Marking Passages, Preserving the Past : Throwback Thursdays (2/11/16)

Happy Thursday, everyone! This week's post combines both humor and nostalgia into one.  The first photo shows our beloved school from White Park (in black & white) and we see the iconic VW Bug in the background parked on White Street. This photo ended up being the cover for the 1980-81 school catalog.