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Law Library Open on Columbus Day

The UNH Law Library will be open our normal hours of 8:00am until Midnight on Columbus Day this Monday.

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Learning BloombergLAW value added together...

BloomberLAW is new to UNH Law. We are learning its place along side Lexis, Westlaw and open web sources. Emulating Wexis, Bloomberg now has topical email based news alerts as well as a blog with podcasts.

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Westlaw in Trouble AGAIN!

A report from our friends at SpicyIP. Seems West might be getting their cases from all the wrong places?

The District Judge of Lucknow has passed an interim injunction against Thomson Reuters and its Indian operations Westlaw and Indlaw – Defendants, for infringing the copyright of Eastern Book Company’s (EBC)-Plaintiffs, law report, Supreme Court Cases (SCC). 

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Library Orientation Handouts

If you missed any of the handouts in the library orientation today, you can find them here:


Checklist Powerpoint

Library Rules and Policies

Please stop by the library if you have any questions! And don't forget about optional library tours tomorrow.

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Professor Hemstock meets with visiting VIP

Tom Hemstock made this guest appearance possible.

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Welcome New Wildcats! Library Orientation Info

Welcome to UNH Law! Library information for incoming students is available here.

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Lexis for $50.00 per month : what's up with that?

I got this email today. I think this is evidence of the effect that all of the other premium and free legal reserch platforms are stressing the marketplace. While this might be good for consumers, they must be savvy enough to understand what they gain and lose from each choice. One big viariable is access to premium secondary sources. If you need treatise materials in your area of practice and you move to a service with just primary sources, what is your research plan?

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Significant New Enhancements Released on Lexis Advance

OK you WestlawNext junkies, take a look at what has been added this summer to Lexis Advance. Its verywise to master both Next and Advance as you don't know what you will be using when you graduate. Also, the Commando Legal Research IP students need to know that unique IP content such as Chisum on Patents is only on Lexis. Our friends at Lexis share as follows:

New Content:

·         American Jurisprudence 2d and additional State Jurisprudences

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OPEN! - Sunday the 22nd


Notice!  The UNH Law Library WILL be open on Sunday, July 22nd from 10-5.  The entire staff of the Library wishes the best to folks taking the bar exam.

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