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Library Week - Day 2

“Libraries are never as placid as they appear.  They are often sources and centers of controversy and conflict.  The better they are, the more dangerous libraries can seem.” 

–Siva Vaidhyanathan


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Pre-Library Week Fun (AKA - Win a Peeps Cake!)

From our Library Week Ringmaster, Kathy Fletcher:

"Next Week is National Library Week!

1Ls— ask anyone who’s been here for a while, and they will tell you that Library Week is, quite simply, the BEST WEEK to be at UNH School of Law!  There’ll be prizes, games, “candy of the day,” and general mirth and merriment all celebrating libraries, reading, and literacy.

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UNH Law now offers PubWEST Search Patents and Trademarks

What is PubWEST?

  • WEST stands for Web-based Examiner’s Search Tool, an internal U.S. Patent and Trademark Office database for use by USPTO patent examiners.
  • PubWEST is the public version of WEST offered only in the Public Search Facility and Patent and Trademark Resource Centers, including the UNH Law Library.

Why should I use PubWEST?

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New Book Scanner Available

UNH Law Library is testing out a new book scanner. Quickly and easily scan and:

  • Save to Google Docs
  • Email to self or others
  • Save to a USB port

Scanning is free! 

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International Legal Databases

The UNH Law Library currently subscribes to numerous foreign and international legal databases. A full list is available here:

Databases include:

Oxford Reports on International Law (including human rights law)

HeinOnline's Treaties and Agreements Library

Max Planck Encyclopedia of International Law

Library hours February 24, 2012


Correction to UNH Law Library calendar for February 24, 2012 ...

UNH Law Library hours on 2/24/2012 are 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., as is traditional the Friday preceding Break Week.  Have a refreshing week, students!

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Extreme Speech and Democracy

Main Stacks : K3254 .E97 2009

Extreme Speech and Democracy / edited by Ivan Hare and James Weinstein


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UNH Law Library has subscribed to this premium IP Case Summary Service

The University of New Hampshire Law Library has subscribed to this IP Case Summary Service on your behalf. Many alums continue to subscribe after graduation.

To sign-up for the services and/or to view a sample of the IP Notes, Patent Extra Notes and IP Administrative Notes, go to click on the "Sign Up" and/or "Summaries" navigation bar on the left hand side of the page. Please include your expected graduation date, or Faculty/Staff in the "Address" slot, and please use your University email address.

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WestlawNext is available on your iPad device. The iPad offers cutting-edge capabilities, greater portability than a laptop, and a large, high-resolution multi-touch display that makes it highly suitable for legal research. The WestlawNext iPad app makes it possible to conduct and organize your research wherever you take your iPad, allowing you the freedom to go anywhere and still have the power of WestlawNext right at your fingertips.

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