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INPADOC: Casting the widest possible net for patent info

From our friends at Westlaw Edge:

"Is anything similar out there?" It's one of the first questions you ask in patent research.

To answer this question, you would likely start by performing a wide-reaching search in the largest bibliographic patent collection available—namely, INPADOC—long before you begin your detailed analysis. Maintained by the European Patent Office (EPO), INPADOC is the largest single collection of patent bibliographic data. It contains

How Google is getting more like Lexis and Westlaw

In Legal Research & Information Literacy we covered how natural language and one search solutions were like Google searching. I then said - is there a way to construct searches using Google similar to terms and connectors? I thought the answer was basically no. Ace 1L Jesscia found advanced query construction tools on Google. So, Lexis and Westlaw see the strength of one search and Google sees the strength of constructing queries.

Intro to Patent Searching Certificate Series Begins

The first class in the Patent Searching Certificate series sponsored by the Library will begin tomorrow, September 16 at noon in Room 227. It will last two hours.  Attenedees can follow along the slides by going to the Slide Share site for the Introduction presentation.

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