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LibraryThing at PierceLaw

PierceLaw Library is trying out a new idea - LibraryThing! (Well not really new, but new for us.)

So what is LibraryThing? It is an online social cataloging website. Easily add books in your library and see what other users own the same books. This makes discovering new titles easy and fun. Write reviews, rate books, and more. (Free too).


New Database: Foreign and International Law Resources Database

The PierceLaw Library's database collection may appear static, but each year new databases are added and removed based on content, use, cost, and faculty/student demand. The latest new database is HeinOnline's Foreign and International Law Resources Database (FILRD).

Where is this database?

FILRD is available via the main menu of HeinOnline and available directly here.

What is in this database? 

Over 875,000 pages in 1600 volumes are included. Sample topics include:

In addition to these esoteric documents there are many more common resources such as the United Nations Judicial Yearbook, Digest of United States Practice in International Law, and Reports of International Arbitral Awards. A full list of titles is available here.

Remember that this database, and all databases, can be accessed anywhere by using your library username (first name, last name) and password (your library barcode numbers.)

Renew Your Books Online

If you don’t feel like coming into the library, you can easily renew books online. It takes less than a few minutes and is available to all students, faculty, and staff at PierceLaw. Check out this quick four step process here.

A full listing of all student resources is also available here.




Summer Research Help

If you find yourself working on a new area of law this summer, PierceLaw Library can help! We have many guides available on common legal research topics such as refreshers on how to efficiently find cases, statutes, and more. All of our research guides are located here:

There are also many books in our collection with extensive information on legal research skills, tips and techniquest. Our catalog is available to search anywhere:

MELcat / Find Resources






Presentation Resources

Working on a final presentation for a class? There are many resources both online and in the library that can help. For example -


Wired magazine has an excellent Wiki covering common technology issues. Check out their articles on effective presentations here. If you are looking for more in depth coverage on developing the perfect presentation check out the Powerpoint for Litigators available in our library. Over 400 focused pages on how to use Microsoft’s Powerpoint.



Free Access to LexisNexis for Public Interest Grads

LexisNexis is again providing limited free access to students and graduates working in public interest. While LexisNexis has always provided summer access to students working in the public interest over the summer, access for graduates is a new development.

Eligibility includes:


"All spring 2010 graduates who pursue verifiable public interest work, including:

  • Deferred fall associates pursuing public interest
  • 2010 graduates pursuing public interest work while searching for employment
  • 2010 graduates who pursue public interest work as a continuing profession
  • NEW!  Rising 2Ls and 3Ls who pursue verifiable public interest work."

For full information see the official LexisNexis Aspire page here.




The Library has a new way to answer questions - Meebo. Simply type your questions into the box and a Pierce librarian will answer. The service is available during regular library hours and an away message will appear if there is no one available. Meebo boxes are currently available on the Quickclicks, Quickclicks Alpha, and Research Guide pages. In the future this service will be available throughout the Library website.

(not live! Check out the Meebo box here.)



Name a favorite book. . .

As part of Library Week 2010 the library (i.e. Kathy Fletcher) set up a chalk board asking patrons to name a favorite book. By Friday both sides of the board were covered in favorite books. Wow! Thanks to everyone that participated. Books from Calvin and Hobbes to Candide to The Notebook (and everything in between) were included.

Read the full list below.