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Take a survey! Win a $25 gift card to Borders!


The library is conducting a library satisfaction survey that is open to all PierceLaw students. This brief survey can be completed in about five minutes and can make the library a better place. Always hated the lack of couches? Let us know! Don’t like the exam hours? Let us know. We’ll be using this information to make substantive changes. On May 3rd the library will select four winners (one from each class) to receive a $25 gift certificate to Borders.
The survey is available here.
UPDATE April 25: Thanks to all that participated. The library appreciates all of the helpful feedback. The survey is now closed.




Boot Camp: Summer research training

"I want you. . .to learn critical legal research skills!"

Whether working as an associate, clerk, research assistant or other position the library wants to help you by maximizing your research skills. From 12:15 to 3:00 in Room 103 on April 15th the Library will be presenting interactive sessions on:

Cost Effective Legal Research

Mastering Legislative History

Law Firm Etiquette

Research Refresher

And more! 

Stay for one session or stay the entire afternoon. Pizza will be provided courtesy of Career Services.

Impress your summer employers with your top tier legal research skills!

Law School Exams

Looking for PierceLaw exams? Look no further. PDF copies of many, but not all, old exams are available here. Additionally, IP exams are available at the IP Mall here. Remember that not all professors will release all (or any) old exams.

If you’re looking for resources to help you study for exams, try searching the library’s online catalog. There are several helpful books available such as The Eight Secrets of Top Exam Performance in Law School, Law School Success in a Nutshell, and Law School Revealed.



Listen carefully. Can you hear it? That is the sound of a revolutionary change in Westlaw. By Fall 2010 the old Westlaw format will be replaced with the new Westlaw Next.


In brief this new format will offer:

One search box searching (kind of like a certain website that rhythms with Ooogle.)

Improved search results

Easier to read documents with ample white space and spacing

Kindle support, with iPhone and Blackberry support forthcoming


For additional information check out the official site.

Creating Westlaw and LexisNexis Links

Creating links to Westlaw and LexisNexis can be tricky. Copying and pasting the long URL will not work. Luckily both Westlaw and LexisNexis have developed solutions for this problem. Information on creating links in LexisNexis is available here and information on creating Westlaw links is available here. Enjoy!


Meet Librarian Matt Jenks


You might see me every now and then, a face which appears in the crowd and then vanishes just as quickly. Or perhaps you detect movement out of the corner of your eye while perusing the library stacks. You turn to look and there is nothing there. Where did I go?
For I am the original behind-the-scenes Librarian, Matthew Robert Jenks, Head of Collection Management and Cataloging Librarian for Franklin Pierce Law Center. You can find my office when you are not looking for it; it is that hidden. Actually, it’s on the second floor behind Collection Management but it doesn’t look out on any public areas, though my window is on the Courtyard (furthest in on the right).