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New Research Guides

UNH Law has joined the exciting world of LibGuides. Our             research guides will be slowly moving to this new format. LibGuides makes it possible to easily integrate library resources and create guides that are much easier to read and print. Right now the library has created guides on:

Faculty Services

First Year Resources

Statutory Research

Many more guides will be coming soon.

And more importantly I've replaced my old dour blog profile pic with a new smiling, dapper, pink tie wearing profile pic. I expect reaction to be both swift and overwhelmingly positve.


LexisNexis Menu Change and Correction

Update: As of 7/6/11 it looks like the problem is fixed.

LexisNexis has (inadvertantly?) changed the menu format on law school accounts. Luckily, this is easy to change back. At the top of the screen there is a " Change Menu" option. Simply selected "LEXIS-NEXIS law school" and you'll be back to the same LexisNexis that you know and love.


Concord Monitor on Westlaw

Recently the Concord Monitor has instituted a pay wall that restricts non-subscribing users to either 5 or 10 article views per month. (10 articles are available upon registering a username/password with the Monitor.) Subscribers to the Monitor have unlimited access. Full details are available here.

However, UNH Law students/faculty/staff continue to have unlimited access to the Concord Monitor via Westlaw. In addition to legal research both Westlaw and LexisNexis contain many news databases. After logging into Westlaw choose "Search for a Database" in the left column. In WestlawNext start typing "Concord Monitor" into the search bar at the top of the screen and select the Monitor.

Both Westlaw and Next contain Monitor articles (but not pictures or advertisements) from December 2007 to today.

Bonus: You can use Westlaw to have the Monitor delivered to you electronically daily. Once in the Monitor database select "today" as the date and the phrase "Concord Monitor"

Run your search and choose "add to WestClip".

Adjust settings in WestClip and enjoy!