Bartow Copyright Collection : Come See What Defelated the Artist's Balloon

Jeff Koons sells his work for more than any other American living artist.  Jeff Koons is not only an artist who can sell his work for millions of dollars, he is also often treated as a rock star. “I am enjoying every moment of this, I have to tell you,” he said in his remarks. “And I am enjoying it because I really believe in art, I really believe in the transcendence that it has given me, it has taught me how to feel.” Art critic Deborah Solomon has named him "the inflation artist". His ego got deflated when his famous balloon dogs were copies and made into booksends. The balloon dogs have also been copied into various other consumer items. 

According to the The Bay Citizen February 2, 2011, balloon dogs everywhere can breathe a sigh of relief: San Francisco's Park Life store/gallery announced that artist Jeff Koons has dropped legal action against the sale of its balloon dog-shaped bookends. In a story that migrated from The Bay Citizen to the New York Times, eventually reaching the San Francisco Chronicle, the NY-based artist, famous for his appropriation of pop culture, was roundly mocked for sending a cease-and-desist to the Richmond District store and the Toronto manufacturer of the bookends.

"Jeff Koons and I signed the papers today, it's legally done," said Park Life co-owner Jamie Alexander. "We can sell the balloon dog bookends. The only thing that they wanted to concede is that we couldn't advertise them as being related to Jeff Koons, which we never did." Alexander noted that the store did not agree to a confidentiality agreement about their resolution, which was important to him, as he and lawyer Jed Wakefield saw this as a win for underdogs. "This is a victory for the little guy standing up to a bully. Also, it's about the absurdity of the art world," said Alexander. "It's an entertaining case but also important," said Wakefield, "for a small business to stand. up and not be intimidated when a big law firm sends a scary letter."