Marking Passages, Preserving the Past : the Class of 1978 - Part 2

First, a little sidenote:  what we thought were 1978 Graduation pictures (placed in a folder which stated unequivocally Class of 1978) were actually photos from the graduating class of 1983.  It took a bit of research, but thanks to A. J. Kierstead and Jon Cavicchi, this little controversy was resolved.  Hopefully, many members of the Class of ’78 have their own graduation photos and can provide copies to display for the Class of 1978 Reunion in March!  What follows here are (perhaps more interestingly) photos from the 1978 Reunion in 1998.  Looks like everyone has aged pretty well.  Enjoy!

From left to right:  Judge Conboy's husband Bernie, Judge Carol Conboy, George Casale



First photo in pair from left to right: Terrie Harman, Linda Grip Goldstein & Linda's husband (unidentified in photo).

Second photo in pair from left to right: Laurence Plitch, Turner Scott & Lewis Lindenberg.


Top photo in pair not identified

Bottom photo in pair: Jamie Hage, Rosemary Hampp, Terrie Harman & Nick Harding


Top photo in pair: Rosemary Hampp (deFillipo), James Conway (Class of '76), & Sam Dur-Yeghiayan

Bottom photo in pair: Richard Bugley, Turner Scott, John Thomas

Top photo in pair:  Glen Geiger, husband of Nancy Geiger (where's Nancy?, says photo caption), Ray Raimo, Laurence Plitch

Bottom photo in pair: Crocker Bennet, Alice Chamberlain and her husband

Top photo in pair:  Ken Brown, John Thomas, Jack Crisp

Bottom photo in pair:  This appears to be Dean Robert Viles

Top photo in pair:  Laurence Plitch on the right, and photo caption has a question mark next to the woman on the left, but she appears to be an alum

Bottom photo in pair:  Elizabeth Hoglund and Tony Buxton


There are many other folks in the photos not identified on the images we have.  See who you recognize!  Get ready for the 2018 40th Reunion of the Class of 1978!