Marking Passages, Preserving the Past : Forensic Fridays

The following few photos recall the FPLC Library of the 1970s and early 1980s.  Some of you may remember the beautiful decor.  The entrance photos you see below were taken when the main entrance to the library was on the ground floor.  You would enter the library through the door that opens onto the Jury Box area (near the hallway with the lockers).  It is an Emergency Exit now and otherwise not used.  The following photo shows two of our illustrious Librarians - Judy Gire (former Director, retired in 2012) and Cindy Landau (former Associate Director, now teaches as an Adjunct).  Sitting to the left of them is the great Professor Tom Field.  The last photo was found in an old scrapbook, and though the time of year is off, I had to post this to pay homage to one of our great Librarians of the past, Paula Jewell (Public Services Librarian until 2008).  Her sense of humor and practical jokes are legendary!

First FPLC Letterhead

Old Library Photos with Required Wood Paneling



Tom Field, Judy Gire and Cindy Landau

A Paula Jewell Classic!