Marking Passages, Preserving the Past : Founding Documents I

This blog entry marks the first of several entries featuring documents, photos and other items from the very beginnings of the law school.  As you peruse the items, you will feel the driving energy and determination that gave birth to the first law school in New Hampshire, then known as Franklin Pierce Law Center.  It was during a dramatic time in history politically and culturally, and that dynamism carried over in the creation of the law center, as new students became participants in a new type of law school which would turn out practice-ready lawyers and advocates who were ready to hit the ground running upon graduation.  This was particularly true in the field of intellectual property, as Co-founder and First Dean Robert Rines took IP concepts out of the realm of the abstract and applied them to the real world, thus graduating dynamic new IP practitioners and some of the highest job placement rates in the country.  Most of what follows is pretty self-evident in terms of what the documents show, but if anyone would like more information, please contact me at  If I don't know the answer, I will try to find the answer for you.  Enjoy, and Happy Holidays!