Marking Passages, Preserving the Past : Throwback Thursdays - What Our School Means to the State, to Concord, and to the World

It can be easy to overlook the huge impact our school, UNH Law (formerly known as Franklin Pierce Law Center), has had, and still has, on the state of New Hampshire and on Concord.  The influence is not only economic; it has been vital for many years to the practice of law in New Hampshire, the placement of grads in a dynamic workforce, the advancement of the Public Interest and support for the needy, and the social, cultural, and political fabric of our great state.  And this doesn't even touch on our influence internationally, as well as our worldwide influence in the field of Intellectual Property.  With all this in mind, we came upon this 23-year old article in our Archives, after the recent completion of the Robert Rines building addition.  It is scanned below, and it details not only the history of Franklin Pierce Law Center (now UNH School of Law) as a vibrant and dynamic force in the state of New Hampshire and in Concord, but the impact the school continues to have on our state and community, which continues to this day.  We all should never forget that we change peoples lives by the work we do here.  May that tradition continue far into the future: