Now Playing in the IP Mall : Resurrected IP Accomplishments in Alumni Magazines


What happened on the UNH Law web in 2016 to the decades of alum magazines that chronicled Franklin Pierce Law Center and UNH School of Law as a global leader in the field of IP? They were not included in the site redesign. Accomplishments include:

  • broad curriculum including law, practice, business transactions
  • international capacity building projects with dozens of partners
  • the only academic IP Library in the Western Hemisphere
  • open access web assets like the IP Mall
  • a long history of a large IP faculty who distinguished themselves as scholars and leading practitioners
  • a corp of globally diverse students who had accomplishments too numerous to mention
  • a corps of global alums who are in law firms, corporations, governments agencies, NGOs, start up ventures

The new IP Mall collection has saved all the alum magazines and provides you IP content from The Advocate and UNH Law Magazine.  It links to all of the IP related articles. Note that additonal IP accomplishments not in full articles exist in the news section of the magazines.

The IP Mall hopes you enjoy this collection. If you have a story to share about the school and its success in the IP community, please email Professor Cavicchi at