Historical Resources at UNH Law

Note: If you're reading this post from off campus, see here for information on accessing databases from outside of the law school. 

Thousands of books from the 20th, 19th and even 18th centuries are available via UNH Law! 

Many of these books are seemlessly integrated into our catalog or available from databases such as Eighteenth Century Collections Online. ECCO alone contains over 180,000 volumes, which is approximately the equivalant of an entire floor of the law library.  A complete list of databases is available here that contains links to historical newspapers as well. 

In addition to these resources, Google Books is an amazing free resource that contains thousands of legal treatises. For example, a quick search reveals numerous full text historical copies of Blackstone's Commentaries  as well as previews of newer editions. If you're a member of the UNH community conducting historical research please don't hesitate to contact librarians here