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Now Playing in the IP Mall : IP Related Congressional Research Service Reports

The UNH Law IP Mall is pleased to offer the full text of intellectual property, cyberlaw and electronic commerce publications of the Congressional Research Service (CRS), the 700+ person, $70 million-per-year "think tank" that works exclusively for Members and committees of the United States Congress. CRS is part of the legislative branch of the federal government.

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New Flashcard Creation Station for Bar Studiers

Did you know that creating and using Flash Cards helps with memory and cognition?  The UNH Law Library and Academic Success is ready and willing to help you create your own flash cards at the Flash Card Creation Station!  


Top 5 Reasons to Use the UNH Law Library’s Flash Card Creation Station!

1.    The Law Library provides the index cards and markers to create your bar review flash cards. 

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Noisy in Library on Friday, June 10th

Attention Bar Studiers! 

On Friday, June 10th (time tbd), two windows on the second and third floor of the library will be replaced. This may cause some noise. 

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Emeritus Professor Karl Jorda : UNH Law Library Mourns the Loss of a Good Friend

UNH Law mourns the loss but celebrates the life of Ermeritus Professor Karl Jorda

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Now Playing in the IP Mall : President Reagan's Working Group on Intellectual Property

Walk with me on my journey to discover the occult inner workings of President Reagan's Cabinet Council on Commerce and Trade was established on February 26, 1981.

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Marking Passages, Preserving the Past : Throwback Thursdays : Graduation!!

Happy Graduation, Class of 2016!  Here are some graduation photos from the past to fill you with anticipation.  Enjoy!

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Now Playing at the IP Mall : IP Handbook of Best Practices

The IP Handbook of Best Practices in Health & Agriculture was funded in part by a generous donation by UNH School of Law.

EXAMS page recently updated



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Now Playing in the IP Mall : Greenberg v National Geographic Case Files

In Greenberg v National Geographic Case files, this week we highlight yet another category of collections in the Mall - paper collections from parties in high profile IP litigation.

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