IP Library & IP Center Continue to Serve Scholarly Discussions of IP Professors - 15th Anniversary of IPPROFS

Happy 15th Anniversary Serving IP professors, scholars and public policy professinals, IPPROFS is a service of UNH Law’s Franklin Pierce Center for Intellectual Property and the UNH Law IP Library.

Founded by Emeritus Professor Tom Field, founding member of the Intellectual Property Faculty, approximately fifteen (15) years ago, this is the only forum for IP professors, scholars and select others interested in the teaching of intellectual property (IP) and discussing IP issues from an analytical and scholarly perspective.

This Listserv serves approximately 1000 members consisting of intellectual property scholars at nearly all US law schools (including all of the US News Top 10 IP Schools) and several foreign schools as well as practicing attorneys interested in teaching IP. IPPROFS is a diverse and active global community dedicated to the thoughtful exchange of ideas in a scholarly and professional virtual setting. The Listserv grows annually with new requests to join from around the world.

Day to day operation of IPPOROFS is currently by Administrative Moderators, Professor Jon Cavicchi, Professor of Legal Research, Intellectual Property Librarian and Professor Tom Hemstock.