Intellectual Property Collection Classification Outline

Intellectual Property Collection
Classification Outline

KF 3116 Antitrust aspects
KF 390 Art law
KF 3133 Biotechnology
K 1401-1578 Collections of foreign laws
K 1401-1578 Comparative law
KF 390.5 Computer law
K 7550-7582 Conflict of laws
KF 2991 Copyrights
KJ European community
KF 2023 Franchising
KF 1401-1578 International law
F 390.5 Internet & Online
T Invention —General
KP IP—Asia
KTA IP—Australia
KE 2779-2999 IP—Canada
KD 2335-1447 IP—England
KK IP—Germany
KNX IP—Japan
KQS IP—Korea
KTC IP—New Zealand
KTL IP—South Africa
KLP IP—Sweden
KF 2972-3197 IP—United States
KF 3145-3175 Licensing
K 1528 Licensing aspects—Global focus
T Miscellaneous PTO publications
KF 2765-2849 Multimedia
KF 390.5 Multimedia
KF 3120 Patent Practice
KF 3093 Patents
KF 2750 Publishing
K 4532 Taxation
T Technology transfer
T Technology—General
KF 2765-2849 Telecommunications
KF 3197 Trade secrets
KF 3175-3195 Trademarks & Unfair competition
KF 1609 Unfair Competition