KIRKLAND - Kimberly Kirkland

Prof. Kimberly Kirkland

Professor of Law & Associate Dean of Faculty Research
B.A., Williams College
J.D., Northeastern University School of Law


Updated: May 13, 2011



  • Patent Lawyers’ Ethics, An Empirical Study, in progress.
  • Self Deception and the Work of Large Firm Ethics Counsel, __ St. Thomas L.J. __ (Forthcoming)
  • Ethical Infrastructures and Defacto Ethical Norms at Work in Large U.S. Law Firms, 11 Legal Ethics 181 (2008). Ingenta Connect
  • Confessions of a Whistleblower: A Law Professors Reflections on the Experience of Reporting a Colleague, 20 Geo. J. Legal Ethics 1105 (2007)
  • Ethics in Large Law Firms: The Principle of Pragmatism, 35 U. Mem. L. Rev. 631 (2005).

Book Chapters

  • Ethical Consciousness of the Corporate Litigator, Lawyers in Practice: Ethical Decision Making in Context (Leslie Levin ed., University of Chicago Press) (Forthcoming)


  • Teaching Integrity, in progress.
  • Work in Progress (32nd Nat'l Conf. on Professional Responsibility, Vancouver, B.C., Can., June 2006) (presentation at scholarship roundtable).
  • How Do Large Firm Lawyers Make Judgments? (Poster Presentation, Professional Responsibility Section, AALS Annual Meeting, Washington D.C., Jan. 2006).
  • Research and Reality, What do we really know about lawyers ethics? (Panel Presenter at ABA Center for Professional Responsibility Conference,Chicago, Ill., June 2005) in ABA Professional Lawyer, Vol. 16, No. 3. (materials published in the 31st National Conference on Professional Responsibility Course book). 
  • Ethical Decision Making in the Legal Profession (Panel Presenter on Univ. of Memphis Law Review Symposium on Ethics in the 21st Century, Memphis, Tenn., Oct. 2004).
  • Teaching Ethics (Facilitator for Ethics faculty breakout session at Institute for Law School Teaching’s Conference on “Teaching the Law School Curriculum,” Villanova Univ., Mar. 2004).
  • Describing the Ball-Enhancing Student Learning and Fair Grading With Rubrics (Co-Presenter Eighth Annual Conference Spokane, Wash., July 2001).
  • Description of Teaching Technique (AALS Conference on New Ideas, Calgary, Alta., Can. June 2001)