KOWALSKI - Dr. Stanley P. Kowalski

Associate Research Professor, Director of International Technology Transfer Institute (ITTI)

BS, The University of Pittsburgh

BS, The Pennsylvania State University

PhD, Cornell University

JD, Franklin Pierce Law Center



Updated: January 5, 2015



Overcoming India's Food Security Challenges: The Role of Intellectual Property Management and Technology Transfer Capacity Building, __ Indian J. L. & Tech. __ (forthcoming).

Horses as Sources of Proprietary Information: Commercialization, Conservation and Compensation, 17(2) AgBioForum 141 (2014) (with Haley McClory).

Intellectual Property and Opportunities for Food Security in the Philippines, 21 Mich. St. U. L. Int'l Rev. 125 (2013) (with Jane Payumo, Howard Grimes, Antonio Alfonso, Keith Jones, Karim Maredia, and Rodolfo Estigoy).

Patent Data Mining: A Tool for Accelerating HIV Vaccine Innovation, 29 Vaccine 4086 (2011) (with Kevin Clark, Jon Cavicchi, K. Jensen, R. Fitzgerald, and A. Bennett).

Algae and Biodiesel: Patenting Energized as Green Goes Commercial, 16 J. Comm. Biotech. 293 (2010) (with Matthew R. Priess).

Book Chapters

Practice Driving Policy: Agbiotech Transfer as Capacity Building, in Handbook on Agriculture, Biotechnology and Development (2014) (with Bill Hennessey and Aarushi Gupta).

Managing Intellectual Property to Foster Agricultural Development, in Agricultural Innovation Systems: An Investment Sourcebook (2012) (with Sara Boettiger).


Letter to the Editor, Inventing arms and legs, Economist March 14, 2014, at 14.