Library of Congress Classification Outline

Library of Congress
Classification Outline

The Law Library uses the Library of Congress Classification System (LC) to organize many of its materials. In general, the LC system organizes material according to 21 branches of knowledge. The 21 categories (labeled A-Z except I,O,W,X and Y) are further subdivided by adding one or two additional letters and a set of numbers. As a law library, the bulk of our collection falls into the K classification. The following outline shows the major categories with an expansion of the K class. Click on the link on the right to view a topical classification list for U.S. Law and related subjects found in the Law Library.

A General works
B Philosophy, Psychology, Religion
C Auxiliary Sciences of History
D History (Eastern Hemisphere)


E-F History (Western Hemisphere)
G Geography, Maps, Anthropology, Recreation
H Social Sciences
J Political Science
K Law (General)
KD Law of the United Kingdom and Ireland
KDZ Law of the Americas
KG-K Law of Latin America, the West Indies and South America
E Law of Canada
KF Law of the United States
KFA-KFW Laws of individual states of the U.S.
KFX Laws of individual cities of the U.S.
KFZ Northwest Territory, Confederate States of America
KJ-KKZ Law of Europe
L Education
M Music
N Fine arts
P-PA Language and Literature
Q Science
R Medicine
S Agriculture
T Technology
U Military Science
V Naval Science
Z Bibliography, Library Science