New Electronic Resource – Bar Journals

HeinOnline, long a resource for full text journal articles, now contains dozens of state bar journals. Like most HeinOnline resources the bar journals are full text and scanned copies of the original articles. (No hard to read format changes!) Additionally the bar journals available cover back to the first issue of publication. Read more. . .


Titles include:
Boston Bar Journal (1957 – 2009)
Read about the days before (waaay before) electronic filing in the United States District Court for the District of Massachusetts in this 1957 profile of Ms. Helen Tweedy. Ms. Tweedy had been Deputy Clerk of the court for 39 years at the time of the writing and shares her experience.
 Stanley E Qua, Few Reflections from the Experience of Twenty-Two Years, A, 1 Boston Bar Journal 21 (1957).  
New Hampshire Bar Journal (1958-2008)
A 1992 article discusses the early use of e-mail in law practice and how to integrate technology into practice. Great flashback to the early days of PCs, email and networks.
Robert R. III Howard, Technology and the Small Law Firm, 33 New Hampshire Bar Journal 397 (1992).  
Additionally there are also some historical articles about a certain New Hampshire law center here, and here
Other local bar journals available include the Connecticut Bar Journal, Vermont Bar Journal and the New York State bar Association Journal.