Having an adjustment disorder transitioning to Westlaw Next terms and connectors searching?

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Advanced command: What you type is what you get

Advanced search template automatically populatedQ: Sometimes in my WestlawNext session, I want to run a Terms and Connectors search exactly as it would run on Westlaw (westlaw.com). However, the WestSearch search engine treats some of my Terms and Connectors queries, e.g., a phrase in quotes or two words connected with an AND or OR operator, as if they were descriptive terms searches! Is there a way to force WestlawNext to run my Terms and Connectors query exactly as I've written it?

A: Use the Advanced search command. Begin your search in the WestlawNext search box with advanced or adv, immediately followed by a colon, e.g., type adv: discrimination and back-pay.

The new Advanced search command (adv: or advanced:) allows you to force the WestSearch search engine to process your query as a Boolean Terms and Connectors search exactly as you typed it. Use the Advanced search command when you want to run a precise search for an exact phrase or for terms connected by an AND or OR operator—without using Boolean connectors.

The Advanced command is essentially a shortcut for finding and completing the Advanced search template that is displayed when you click advanced at the top of a particular content page. In addition, the Advanced command has at least three other benefits:

  • Advanced search results are ranked by WestSearch relevance, with the most relevant documents appearing at the top of the list.
  • Advanced search results provide a link to view additional WestSearch results, when available.
  • Advanced searches are easy to edit. You can either edit the search directly in the global search box, or you can click advanced next to the Search button at the top of your result page. If you click advanced, the Advanced search template is displayed. The jurisdiction you previously searched is automatically selected, and the text boxes are automatically populated.