Westlaw Next Top Tips for 2012: Five Quick Tips for Saving Time

FIVE QUICK TIPS FOR SAVING TIME We understand that your time is incredibly valuable to you, so follow these simple tips to leverage WestlawNext® features that save time and help you research more efficiently Quickly Locate Publications and Databases Finding a specific publication is as easy as typing its name into the search box. When you enter the first few letters of what you're looking for, you'll see a list of publications to choose from. This also works with database identifiers (you might be familiar with them if you used westlaw.com).

Quickly Locate Publications and Databases

1 Take Advantage of Favorites
Content that you use on a day-to-day basis can be added to your Favorites. Simply click the Add to Favorites icon on any page and it will be added to the Favorites section for easy access from the home page.

Take Advantage of Favorites

1 Organize your Research on the Fly
The Project Folder is a convenient way to collect relevant documents you find during a research session. From a search result or any document list, simply select the documents you want to save and drag them into the folder. On a document page, you can click on the document title and drag that to the folder as well. When you're done collecting the documents you want, click on the folder to preview its contents. Once the folder is opened, click on links to read the documents or select the documents to print, email or download.

Organize your Research on the Fly

1 Tap Into the Collective Knowledge of Your Entire Research Team
Folder sharing gives colleagues – both inside and outside your organization – a way to contribute to, and draw from, a growing repository of increasingly valuable knowledge. Gone are the days of inefficiently sharing research results with other team members using email or photocopies. With folder sharing on WestlawNext, researchers can save documents and selected text to online folders that are accessible by all members of the research team.

Tap Into the Collective Knowledge of Your Entire Research Team

1 Utilize our Workflow Tools
Pencils and highlighters are a thing of the past. Selecting text within a document on WestlawNext will display a menu with options to highlight the text, add a note, or save the selected text to your project folder. Notes and highlighting remain on your documents until you edit or delete them. These tools make it easy to return to prior work product and quickly focus on the issues most relevant to your research.

Utilize our Workflow Tools