Introducing the Gire Archive at UNH Law Library

Introducing the Gire Archive at UNH Law Library

Judy Gire

I am delighted to announce the establishment of The Gire Archive located in the UNH Law Library. The Gire Archive has been named after Judy Gire, UNH Law’s beloved Law Library Director, who retired in 2012.  The school-wide archive will help tell the story of UNH Law from its first days at the bull barn to its move to White Street, through the decades to present day. It is the perfect time to start preserving the history of our great institution and even though we recently had a name change, we will still be able to showcase the memories of Franklin Pierce and how we are now UNH Law.

The original plan to honor Judy Gire was to dedicate the Information Literacy Center to her, which would be home to printed legal research materials. As time are changing and more materials are becoming electronic, we decided to shift the focus of the Online Training Center (OTC) classroom to become The Gire Archive, a move Judy endorses.

The Gire Archive is a repository where we can preserve and protect materials and memories from the early days of the law school.  Through these materials we hope to tell the story of the law school, its students, staff and faculty.  You can follow our progress of materials we’ve been uncovering through Matthew Jenks’ blog postings titled Marking Passages, Preserving the Past : Icons and Moments.

Matt, our Cataloging librarian, has been working diligently to collect, sort, organize and uncover a variety of documents, pictures, programs, awards and other types of materials related to the law school to build the archive collection.  An archive is always a work in progress and will grow from year to year.  We would like to seek your assistance in helping it grow.  If you come across anything from your time at Franklin Pierce Law Center that you find you no longer need, please consider donating it to the Archive. We would love to have your voice heard in telling the school’s story.

If you have any questions, or have materials to donate, please contact me via email at