Social Media and Technology Bibliography


The UNH Law Library has a surprisingly large collection of books on social media and technology in teaching. The selected annotated bibliography below also contains links to LibraryThing that features reviews, descriptions, covers, and links to other useful books.


Selected titles are featured below.


David I.C. Thomson, Law School 2.0: Legal Education for the Digital Age (2009)

158 pages, LibraryThing, Catalog

If you read only one book on this list – this is the book to read. Thomson explains clearly and concisely how new technology can be used in the law school setting. He provides ample real world experience from his own use social media in the classroom. A detailed review is available here, and a website accompanying the book is available here. Highly recommended.

Technology discussed in the book and website include: Wikis, mindmaps, and blogs.                                                                                                                       


Lon Safko & David Brake, Social Media Bible (2009)

840 pages, LibraryThing, Catalog

800+ pages of information on nearly every social media network and Web 2.0 product as of 2009. Although the focus is on businesses, this book provides detailed information far beyond blogs and Facebook. Information includes podcasts, virtual worlds and videocasting. Short entries, critical reviews, easy to read style and a wide reach make this a great reference for Web 2.0 technology. Finally there are many weblinks scattered generously throughout the book to illustrate points and introduce the reader to new ideas.


Joel Comm, Twitter Power (2009)

248 pages, LibraryThing, Catalog

Practical and filled with screenshots Comm’s book offers step by step guidance on how to create a Twitter account, etiquette, what makes a good tweet and how to attract followers. This may seem simple but the book provides great advice on how to avoid common problems with simple solutions. Need to build followers? Consider placing your Twitter name in your email signature.


Steve Holzner, Facebook Marketing (2008)

288 pages, LibraryThing, Catalog

Another business book! But your online branding is your business. You may not be selling widgets but you are selling yourself. This guide offers a guided tour of Facebook complete with screenshots and easy to read non-technical writing. Written in 2009 it is already dated in some areas but still a useful resource. Fun fact: when the book was written in 2008-2009 Facebook had 80 million users in June of 2010 it now has over 400 million users.


Michael Miller, YouTube for Business (2009)

288 pages, LibraryThing, Catalog

Unlike many of the books on the list, YouTube for Business is just that. . for business. However, Chapter Three “Tips for Producing More Effective Videos” and the history of YouTube are applicable for the academic setting. This book is perfect for brainstorming ideas as many law schools have used YouTube extensively. (For example – the UVA Law.)



We’ve Got Blog (John Rodzvilla ed., 2002)

242 pages, LibraryThing, Catalog

Written in 2002 much of the content is dated, new websites are missing and technology is old. Despite these limitations, We’ve Got Blog (A pun on AOL’s You’ve Got Mail?) is a useful introduction to blogging. 2002 may have been a little too optimistic for blogs but the impact of blogs in 2010 can’t be denied.


T. Brian Chatfield, The Complete Guide to Wikis: How to Set Up, Use, and Benefit from Wikis for Teachers, Business Professionals, Families and Friends (2009) 

288 pages, LibraryThing, Catalog

Provides plenty of links, real example, screenshots, and step by step instruction on integrating 2.0 technology into the classroom. Unfortunately this book is not focused on law school and is slightly dated already.


Jan Vermeiren, How to Really use LinkedIn (2009)

187 pages LibraryThing, Catalog

Never used LinkedIn? This book includes more information than you ever thought possible on the sophisticated career-focused network.


Howard E. Katz & Kevin Francis O'Neill, Strategies and Techniques of Law School Teaching (2009)

91 pages, LibraryThing, Catalog

A brief section on using a webpage and technology presentations (including discussion on Powerpoint in class) is included. Book is also available as a free download on SSRN.


Tony Bates, Effective Teaching with Technology in Higher Education (2003)

306 pages,LibraryThing, Catalog

Discusses how to introduce technology into the classroom without distractions. Due to the 2003 publication date many new social technologies are not included.