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A Word from Law Librarians - Musings for National Library Week 2019

We have a lot of fun during National Library Week – it is right before Final Exams and allows us to goof off before the pressures of the end of the semester.  It is also a great time to remind our students, faculty and staff about the importance of libraries – all kinds of libraries, but especially public libraries.

Thousands of eBooks Added to Library Catalog

Thousands of new eBooks are now available to our community thanks to the Library's continued cooperation with the larger UNH system. These titles, mostly non-legal subjects, are integrated into the catalog directly. Information on accessing eBooks and other databases off campus is available here

Hundreds of Legal eBooks now Available on Lexis Overdrive

Hundreds of eBooks are now available at UNH Law's new overdrive platform. You can virtually check out these books using your UNH ID barcode. This resources is available to all current students, staff, faculty and all alumni. 

Titles include:

Study guides (Q & A Series, Understanding and more)*

Practice Books




*Study guides not available for alumni. 


New Databases for 2014-15

The UNH Law Library recently added many new electronic resources.

BNA Newsletters and Resource Centers

Dozens of newsletters of specialized areas of the law.

Bloomberg Law

Newcomer to the eternal battle between Westlaw and LexisNexis. Contains cases, statutes, regulations, and secondary sources. To create an account, follow the link on the main page and use your UNH Law email address.


International Legal Databases

The UNH Law Library currently subscribes to numerous foreign and international legal databases. A full list is available here: http://library.law.unh.edu/international

Databases include:

Oxford Reports on International Law (including human rights law)

HeinOnline's Treaties and Agreements Library

Max Planck Encyclopedia of International Law

The new Westlaw IP page on Westlaw: See only the resources you need

News from Westlaw Edge : Sometimes, innovation leads to complexity. Other times, it leads to simplicity. The Westlaw IP page goes in the latter direction.

This new tabbed page gives you quick access to more than 100 intellectual property databases, plus tools such as Westlaw Profiler®, KeySearch®, Claims Locator, and Patent KeyCite®—but without any clutter. (Definition of clutter: anything you don't need this minute.)

Best of 2010

2010 saw major changes to the UNH Law Library. New databases were added, new collections were created, and even our name was changed. Listed below are the ten biggest blog entries of 2010. (in order by date)

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10. New HeinOnline IP Library available.

9. Library orientation video delights incoming students.