Bloomberg Law Now Available to UNH Law Students

UNH Law students now have access to the newest legal research database - Bloomberg Law. This service is aiming to be a direct competitor to LexisNexis and Westlaw. Cases, statutes, regulations, dockets, and many secondary sources are available. Additionally, your passwords to Bloomberg Law have no summer restrictions (use as much as you want no matter where you work!).

Improve Your Research Skills and Earn One Credit!

Fact Based Research is a course under the Law Practice Information Literacy umbrella and covers non-legal research skills that are critical to today's legal practice. Students learn practice ready skills not covered in Legal Skills or other research courses and the course guides students in learning information literacy beyond Westlaw/Lexis. Topics include:

Two Spring Research Courses Available!

This Spring semester the library is offering two 1-credit mini courses. Each course meets for 8 weeks on Wednesdays from 1:00 - 3:00. Factual Research meets during the first half of the semester while Advanced Legal Research meets during the second half. Take one or both!

Review: West's Topic and Keynumber System Online

If only points of law in cases were organized together in a giant index online. But they are! The West Digest System (and a similar system on LexisNexis) is part of the electronic toolbox available to a researcher.

If you last used the digest in the fall of 1L, have a quick look at this handout. You may be surprised at how helpful it can be online.

Does the Library Own the Periodical You are Looking For?

You've identified the perfect source in your research but it is not available on Westlaw or LexisNexis. The Library subscribes to many other databses, but searching through each one for a source will be time consuming. The solution?

Journal Holdings!

New Research Guides

UNH Law has joined the exciting world of LibGuides. Our             research guides will be slowly moving to this new format. LibGuides makes it possible to easily integrate library resources and create guides that are much easier to read and print. Right now the library has created guides on:

Faculty Services

First Year Resources

Statutory Research

Many more guides will be coming soon.

And more importantly I've replaced my old dour blog profile pic with a new smiling, dapper, pink tie wearing profile pic. I expect reaction to be both swift and overwhelmingly positve.


Lunch with Librarians

Several times a year UNH librarians give presentations to the faculty on library services. What goes on in these secret meeting? Well, nothing secret. In fact information on past lunches is available here for faculty, staff, students or anyone to have a look. (continued in full post)

Topics have included new library technologies, expert catalog searching and more. You'll be surprised what you learn.

Summer Research Help

If you find yourself working on a new area of law this summer, PierceLaw Library can help! We have many guides available on common legal research topics such as refreshers on how to efficiently find cases, statutes, and more. All of our research guides are located here:

There are also many books in our collection with extensive information on legal research skills, tips and techniquest. Our catalog is available to search anywhere:

MELcat / Find Resources






Google Scholar now Searches Court Decisions

Joining the movement to make online legal documents more accessible, Google has introduced a new tool that indexes and searches a vast array of federal, appellate and state court decisions by case title, keyword, topics and other criteria.The search giant announced this week that its Google Scholar tool — a search portal for scholarly literature — now includes a separate search function for legal opinion.