policies (law library)

Email and Computer Policy

The University of New Hampshire School of Law provides electronic mail and other services to its faculty, staff, and students.  Users are expected to use the computers and email responsibly and to comply with all applicable local, state, and federal laws and with other school policies.

It is not possible to provide a complete list of all possible violations, however, the following list of activities are Conduct Code violations under the school's Academic Rule XIII.

Study Rooms




  • Six study rooms are located on the first floor of the Law Library.
  • Room keys must be check out at the circulation desk and the student's name recorded in the study room book.
  • There is a fine of $0.50 per hour for keys kept past the 3-hour time limit.
  • Students may only spend three hours per day in a study room.
  • No food is allowed in study rooms.