Meet Librarian Matt Jenks


You might see me every now and then, a face which appears in the crowd and then vanishes just as quickly. Or perhaps you detect movement out of the corner of your eye while perusing the library stacks. You turn to look and there is nothing there. Where did I go?
For I am the original behind-the-scenes Librarian, Matthew Robert Jenks, Head of Collection Management and Cataloging Librarian for Franklin Pierce Law Center. You can find my office when you are not looking for it; it is that hidden. Actually, it’s on the second floor behind Collection Management but it doesn’t look out on any public areas, though my window is on the Courtyard (furthest in on the right).

Library Staff Welcomes New Librarian

Tom Hemstock joins the Law Library staff on October 27th as the new Reference / Electronic Resources Librarian. Tom will be responsible for: developing, managing and promoting the library's electronic resources; teaching required and elective legal research classes; maintaining the research portion of the library's web pages; contributing to the library's blog; working with faculty to support their scholarly research; and providing general reference services. Tom received his J.D.