New Research Guides

UNH Law has joined the exciting world of LibGuides. Our             research guides will be slowly moving to this new format. LibGuides makes it possible to easily integrate library resources and create guides that are much easier to read and print. Right now the library has created guides on:

Faculty Services

First Year Resources

Statutory Research

Many more guides will be coming soon.

And more importantly I've replaced my old dour blog profile pic with a new smiling, dapper, pink tie wearing profile pic. I expect reaction to be both swift and overwhelmingly positve.


Common Sense Rules of Advocacy for Lawyers

As the library blog migrates to a new format I am reposting the "greatest hits" from the old blog. These entries have been updated with new web links where appropriate and reformatted for the new blog. Think of these entries as catching up with old friends or learning about a resource that you missed the first time.

The entry below was originally published by Matthew Jenks on April 10, 2009.