How Google is getting more like Lexis and Westlaw

In Legal Research & Information Literacy we covered how natural language and one search solutions were like Google searching. I then said - is there a way to construct searches using Google similar to terms and connectors? I thought the answer was basically no. Ace 1L Jesscia found advanced query construction tools on Google. So, Lexis and Westlaw see the strength of one search and Google sees the strength of constructing queries.

Finally Google meets Twitter : Use Google Updates to Search Twitter

Legal researchers using Twitter know that the micro-blogging site is a great tool for finding what others are talking about in real time. Unfortunately, Twitter’s search features are limited in functionality and leave much to be desired. For a more efficient way of finding the information try Google Updates.

Google Scholar now Searches Court Decisions

Joining the movement to make online legal documents more accessible, Google has introduced a new tool that indexes and searches a vast array of federal, appellate and state court decisions by case title, keyword, topics and other criteria.The search giant announced this week that its Google Scholar tool — a search portal for scholarly literature — now includes a separate search function for legal opinion.