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LEXIS rolls out 2014 improvements....

If you are a Lexis user, you will enjoy all these new improvements just released. If you are a Westlaw user, consider giving Lexis a second chance. In law school, you should use both since you don't know which you will face when you graduate. From Lexis:

Improved Source Selection:

Lexis for $50.00 per month : what's up with that?

I got this email today. I think this is evidence of the effect that all of the other premium and free legal reserch platforms are stressing the marketplace. While this might be good for consumers, they must be savvy enough to understand what they gain and lose from each choice. One big viariable is access to premium secondary sources. If you need treatise materials in your area of practice and you move to a service with just primary sources, what is your research plan?

Significant New Enhancements Released on Lexis Advance

OK you WestlawNext junkies, take a look at what has been added this summer to Lexis Advance. Its verywise to master both Next and Advance as you don't know what you will be using when you graduate. Also, the Commando Legal Research IP students need to know that unique IP content such as Chisum on Patents is only on Lexis. Our friends at Lexis share as follows:

New Content:

·         American Jurisprudence 2d and additional State Jurisprudences

Review: West's Topic and Keynumber System Online

If only points of law in cases were organized together in a giant index online. But they are! The West Digest System (and a similar system on LexisNexis) is part of the electronic toolbox available to a researcher.

If you last used the digest in the fall of 1L, have a quick look at this handout. You may be surprised at how helpful it can be online.

INPADOC: Casting the widest possible net for patent info

From our friends at Westlaw Edge:

"Is anything similar out there?" It's one of the first questions you ask in patent research.

To answer this question, you would likely start by performing a wide-reaching search in the largest bibliographic patent collection available—namely, INPADOC—long before you begin your detailed analysis. Maintained by the European Patent Office (EPO), INPADOC is the largest single collection of patent bibliographic data. It contains

Library E-Resource BNA IP Library Morphs into BNA Intellectual Property Resource Center


Quick...Go to QuickClicks. By now, some of you may have seen the new Intellectual Property Resource Center that was launched on Monday. It is an ehanced version of the BNA IP Library and merges content from other BNA IP publications.

Among the new features of the resource center are "Video Insights." These are three- to five-minute clips by an IP expert on a topic of interest.

Finally Google meets Twitter : Use Google Updates to Search Twitter

Legal researchers using Twitter know that the micro-blogging site is a great tool for finding what others are talking about in real time. Unfortunately, Twitter’s search features are limited in functionality and leave much to be desired. For a more efficient way of finding the information try Google Updates.