New Database: National Survey of State Laws

HeinOnline's National Survey of State Laws is now available online to the UNH Law community. This resource summarizes frequently researched laws in easy to read table format. 50 state surveys (or 5 state surveys!) are now much quicker to do. For example, this resource includes summaries of state marijuana laws, criminal statute of limitations, and computer crimes.

Big News - Many New Databases!

Big Exciting Database News! Many new databases are now available to UNH Law Faculty as a result of our integration with the University of New Hampshire and as the library focuses on emerging digital collections.

1973 - Should a Law School be Established at the University of Massachusetts?

Recently there has been much discussion on the proposal to merge the Southern New England School of Law with the University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth. (See: here, here, and here.)


The desire for a state law school in Massachusetts is nothing new. A 1973 article from the Boston Bar Journal (available here via HeinOnline's Bar Journal Library) discusses the viability of a UMass law school with many of the same pros/cons as in the 2009 debate. Read more. . .


New Electronic Resource – Bar Journals

HeinOnline, long a resource for full text journal articles, now contains dozens of state bar journals. Like most HeinOnline resources the bar journals are full text and scanned copies of the original articles. (No hard to read format changes!) Additionally the bar journals available cover back to the first issue of publication. Read more. . .