Thousands of eBooks Added to Library Catalog

Thousands of new eBooks are now available to our community thanks to the Library's continued cooperation with the larger UNH system. These titles, mostly non-legal subjects, are integrated into the catalog directly. Information on accessing eBooks and other databases off campus is available here

LibraryThing at PierceLaw

PierceLaw Library is trying out a new idea - LibraryThing! (Well not really new, but new for us.)

So what is LibraryThing? It is an online social cataloging website. Easily add books in your library and see what other users own the same books. This makes discovering new titles easy and fun. Write reviews, rate books, and more. (Free too).


Three Overlooked PierceLaw Resources

It is easy to rely only on Westlaw and LexisNexis in law school but there are many many more resources available. Below are three useful, yet overlooked resources that can give you the edge in preparing for class or for practice.

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