Free Web Resources available

The UNH Law Library keeps track of new free resources here. Recently added resources include:

1. Doing Business. "The Doing Business law library is the largest free online collection of business laws and regulations. We link to official government sources wherever possible. Translations are not official unless indicated otherwise. We update the collection regularly but are unable to guarantee that laws are the most recent version."

Free Access to LexisNexis for Public Interest Grads

LexisNexis is again providing limited free access to students and graduates working in public interest. While LexisNexis has always provided summer access to students working in the public interest over the summer, access for graduates is a new development.

Eligibility includes:


"All spring 2010 graduates who pursue verifiable public interest work, including:

  • Deferred fall associates pursuing public interest
  • 2010 graduates pursuing public interest work while searching for employment
  • 2010 graduates who pursue public interest work as a continuing profession
  • NEW!  Rising 2Ls and 3Ls who pursue verifiable public interest work."

For full information see the official LexisNexis Aspire page here.