Hundreds of Legal eBooks now Available on Lexis Overdrive

Hundreds of eBooks are now available at UNH Law's new overdrive platform. You can virtually check out these books using your UNH ID barcode. This resources is available to all current students, staff, faculty and all alumni. 

Titles include:

Study guides (Q & A Series, Understanding and more)*

Practice Books




*Study guides not available for alumni. 


LEXIS rolls out 2014 improvements....

If you are a Lexis user, you will enjoy all these new improvements just released. If you are a Westlaw user, consider giving Lexis a second chance. In law school, you should use both since you don't know which you will face when you graduate. From Lexis:

Improved Source Selection:

Still like Lexis Classic? Use your Lexis Advance Password

If you are one of the few newbie Lexis users who prefer Lexis.com or a longtime user who knows how to zip around Lexis.com quickly, just be aware that as of this month you will need to use your Advance logon to access Classic - either directly or using the Research tab in Lexis Advance. If you had Classic remember you, as I had for many years, you will have to log out and click on the link to have Classic not remember your last logon or you will get caught in the trap of being told you did something wrong when you try to enter your Advance logon.


IT'S TODAY : Summer Research Survival

Next Friday, 4/12,  at 3:15pm beginning in the Rich Room is Summer Research Survival.  Learn the top research tools, tasks and approaches used at summer positions and externships as reported to us by students who have gone before you. One way to differentiate yourself  is to have good research skills so you are considered someone who provides solutions in legal settings.  

Plenary Session

Lexis for $50.00 per month : what's up with that?

I got this email today. I think this is evidence of the effect that all of the other premium and free legal reserch platforms are stressing the marketplace. While this might be good for consumers, they must be savvy enough to understand what they gain and lose from each choice. One big viariable is access to premium secondary sources. If you need treatise materials in your area of practice and you move to a service with just primary sources, what is your research plan?

Significant New Enhancements Released on Lexis Advance

OK you WestlawNext junkies, take a look at what has been added this summer to Lexis Advance. Its verywise to master both Next and Advance as you don't know what you will be using when you graduate. Also, the Commando Legal Research IP students need to know that unique IP content such as Chisum on Patents is only on Lexis. Our friends at Lexis share as follows:

New Content:

·         American Jurisprudence 2d and additional State Jurisprudences

Summer Access to Westlaw, LexisNexis and BloombergLaw

Your Westlaw and LexisNexis passwords will only have limited summer access unless you renew. You can renew your passwords if you meet certain criteria.


You may renew your Westlaw password if you meet any of these categores:

LexisNexis® Communities : Continuing to Improve Web 2.0 Developments

Keep up to date and get some premium law content for free. Welcome to the new LexisNexis® Communities. They have added new tools, new content and a whole new look and feel to make your experience richer and more beneficial.

Free Access to LexisNexis for Public Interest Grads

LexisNexis is again providing limited free access to students and graduates working in public interest. While LexisNexis has always provided summer access to students working in the public interest over the summer, access for graduates is a new development.

Eligibility includes:


"All spring 2010 graduates who pursue verifiable public interest work, including:

  • Deferred fall associates pursuing public interest
  • 2010 graduates pursuing public interest work while searching for employment
  • 2010 graduates who pursue public interest work as a continuing profession
  • NEW!  Rising 2Ls and 3Ls who pursue verifiable public interest work."

For full information see the official LexisNexis Aspire page here.