Many old UNH Law exams available online

The UNH Law Library archives many old exams in PDF format here. As midterms approach these can be a great indicator of what you'll be facing:

Exam Archive

The Law Library does not receive exams that the Professors have elected not to release to the library. Some professors release their exams through alternative methods, such as online sites they have set up.

No Summer 2010 exams were released for posting.

See also: IP exams

Law School Exams

Looking for PierceLaw exams? Look no further. PDF copies of many, but not all, old exams are available here. Additionally, IP exams are available at the IP Mall here. Remember that not all professors will release all (or any) old exams.

If you’re looking for resources to help you study for exams, try searching the library’s online catalog. There are several helpful books available such as The Eight Secrets of Top Exam Performance in Law School, Law School Success in a Nutshell, and Law School Revealed.