HeinOnline App for iPhone & iPad

HeinOnline now has an app for iPhones and iPads! Just like Angry Birds, only with full text PDFs of journals, legislative history, treatises and more instead of smug pigs in helmets. Oh and there's millions of pages of text instead of birds launched from a slingshot.

More information on the app here, and check out all the Hein libraries here.

New Database: Foreign and International Law Resources Database

The PierceLaw Library's database collection may appear static, but each year new databases are added and removed based on content, use, cost, and faculty/student demand. The latest new database is HeinOnline's Foreign and International Law Resources Database (FILRD).

Where is this database?

FILRD is available via the main menu of HeinOnline and available directly here.

What is in this database? 

Over 875,000 pages in 1600 volumes are included. Sample topics include:

In addition to these esoteric documents there are many more common resources such as the United Nations Judicial Yearbook, Digest of United States Practice in International Law, and Reports of International Arbitral Awards. A full list of titles is available here.

Remember that this database, and all databases, can be accessed anywhere by using your library username (first name, last name) and password (your library barcode numbers.)