Update Your Westlaw Password Before Feb 1

Westlaw is requiring all UNH Law users (faculty, staff, and students) to update their password starting the week of Feb 1. There are few things are more annoying than having to update a password in a hurry when you need a document ASAP, so I recommend being proactive and updating your password now.

WestlawNext Now Available for Attorney Members

WestlawNext is now available for attorney members at the law library. Classic is also still available. Content remains the same on Next but it is in a different format. Information about the attorney membership program is available here.

Patent lawyer relies on mobility to boost client service, lower cost.

A story from Westlaw NEXT.NOTES

Mobile technology is changing the face of legal research. In this new article, Houston-based attorney Tim Johnson and Jeff Richardson, author of "iPhone J.D., Lawyers Using iPhones and iPads," discuss how mobile technology—particularly the WestlawNext iPad app—helps legal professionals improve responsiveness and client service anytime, anywhere. Read the full article on the WestlawNext Resource Center.


WestlawNext is available on your iPad device. The iPad offers cutting-edge capabilities, greater portability than a laptop, and a large, high-resolution multi-touch display that makes it highly suitable for legal research. The WestlawNext iPad app makes it possible to conduct and organize your research wherever you take your iPad, allowing you the freedom to go anywhere and still have the power of WestlawNext right at your fingertips.

Westlaw Next Top Tips for 2012: Five Quick Tips for Saving Time

FIVE QUICK TIPS FOR SAVING TIME We understand that your time is incredibly valuable to you, so follow these simple tips to leverage WestlawNext® features that save time and help you research more efficiently Quickly Locate Publications and Databases Finding a specific publication is as easy as typing its name into the search box. When you enter the first few letters of what you're looking for, you'll see a list of publications to choose from. This also works with database identifiers (you might be familiar with them if you used westlaw.com).

Review: West's Topic and Keynumber System Online

If only points of law in cases were organized together in a giant index online. But they are! The West Digest System (and a similar system on LexisNexis) is part of the electronic toolbox available to a researcher.

If you last used the digest in the fall of 1L, have a quick look at this handout. You may be surprised at how helpful it can be online.

Concord Monitor on Westlaw

Recently the Concord Monitor has instituted a pay wall that restricts non-subscribing users to either 5 or 10 article views per month. (10 articles are available upon registering a username/password with the Monitor.) Subscribers to the Monitor have unlimited access. Full details are available here.

However, UNH Law students/faculty/staff continue to have unlimited access to the Concord Monitor via Westlaw. In addition to legal research both Westlaw and LexisNexis contain many news databases. After logging into Westlaw choose "Search for a Database" in the left column. In WestlawNext start typing "Concord Monitor" into the search bar at the top of the screen and select the Monitor.

Both Westlaw and Next contain Monitor articles (but not pictures or advertisements) from December 2007 to today.

Bonus: You can use Westlaw to have the Monitor delivered to you electronically daily. Once in the Monitor database select "today" as the date and the phrase "Concord Monitor"

Run your search and choose "add to WestClip".

Adjust settings in WestClip and enjoy!