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UNH Law Negotiates Training Program with Pantros IP Patent Search Platform : “Google On Steroids”

Welcome From Pantros IP Web (formerly Patent Cafe)

That’s what BusinessWeek called Pantros IP’s Latent Semantic Analysis (LSA) search engine technology. ProSearch™ is the world's leading artificial intelligence search engine for patents.

Almost 200 students attend patent searching classes this Fall

It was a banner Fall for the Patent Certificate Program. Close to 200 students attended training sessions offerend by Professor Cavicchi, Lexis, Westlaw and Thomson Innovation. Several students have earned the certificate. The series will continue in the Spring.

INPADOC: Casting the widest possible net for patent info

From our friends at Westlaw Edge:

"Is anything similar out there?" It's one of the first questions you ask in patent research.

To answer this question, you would likely start by performing a wide-reaching search in the largest bibliographic patent collection available—namely, INPADOC—long before you begin your detailed analysis. Maintained by the European Patent Office (EPO), INPADOC is the largest single collection of patent bibliographic data. It contains

Intro to Patent Searching Certificate Series Begins

The first class in the Patent Searching Certificate series sponsored by the Library will begin tomorrow, September 16 at noon in Room 227. It will last two hours.  Attenedees can follow along the slides by going to the Slide Share site for the Introduction presentation.

Judicial constructions of patent terms—no search required on Westlaw

From our friends at WESTLAW EDGE Suppose you want to know how patent judges have construed a technical term (e.g., key operable locking head) that sometimes appears in patents and patent applications. Is there an easy way to find the exact judicial construction?

New on Westlaw : Claims Locator - A patent search tool with its eye on the whole claim

This from the Westlaw Edge newsletter. Be careful and try it out. Like any black box option, you don't know what the algorithm is doing. For example, my class just worked on Project Jaroka involving telemedicine using cell phones. When I used those three works Lexis returned 54 patents, mostly irrelevant. Like natural language searching, it dropped telemedicine and delivered cell phone art.

IP NETWORK Firefox Toolbar : WOW!

Free Patent and Prior Art Search Tool - IPEstonia Patent Search Toolbar Have you tried this new toolbar? Try it here  IPEstonia Toolbar - gateway to intellectual property information: More than 60 patent information and prior art search fields and growing * Links to meta patent search engines and other IP information search tools * Intellectual property news-feeds * Links to IP Event calendars