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Who to Contact at UNH School of Law Library

Acquisitions Kathie Goodwin 513-5206
Attorney Membership Program Kathy Fletcher 513-5131
Circulation Kathy Fletcher 513-5131
Electronic Resources Tom Hemstock 513-5199
Interlibrary Loan Kathy Fletcher 513-5131
Intellectual Property Library Jon Cavicchi 513-5139
Legal Research Classes Sue Zago 513-5129
Library Access Kathy Fletcher 513-5131
Library Web Site Tom Hemstock 513-5199
Online Catalog Melanie Cornell 513-5135
Overdue Materials Fines Kathy Fletcher 513-5131
Reference Question Tom Hemstock 513-5199
Scheduling a group Kathy Fletcher 513-5131
Serials, Continuations, Print Journals Melanie Cornell 513-5135
Serials Routing Lists Melanie Cornell 513-5135
UNH Scholars’ Repository Sue Zago 513-5129
Working in the Library Kathy Fletcher 513-5131


All Library Staff

Jon Cavicchi, Intellectual Property Librarian 513-5139/Email

Melanie Cornell, Head of Collection Management 513-5135/Email

Kathy Fletcher, Public Services Librarian 513-5131/Email

Kathie Goodwin, Acquisitions Supervisor 513-5206/Email

Tom Hemstock, Electronic Resources Librarian 513-5199/Email

Matthew Jenks, Cataloging Librarian 513-5211/Email

Sue Zago, Director 513-5129/Email