Scholarship Support

Legal Scholarship Blog (Conference Watch)

Legal Scholarship Blog (Conference Watch) includes law-related calls for papers, conferences and workshops. This service is provided by the University of Pittsburgh School of Law and the University of Washington School of Law.

Legal Scholarship Network (LSN)

Legal Scholarship Network provides access to working papers and abstracts of articles accepted for publication as well as announcements of professional meetings, calls for papers and professional job listings. LSN database and paper downloads are free open source. The library subscribes to the alert service that sends email notices of new papers in your legal areas of interest. The best way to subscribe is to ask Tom Hemstock to e-mail SSRN to sign you up. Once subscribed, you can customize your email subscription.  To learn more about how to make LSN work for you see Jon Cavicchi's presentation.


To submit articles to multiple scholarly law journals simultaneously, go to and select “start your submission.” Please note there are a few law reviews that still require hardcopy or submission through their own websites, but these are clearly indicated. 


Scholastica is a service similar to ExpressO allowing authors to submit to multiple law reviews and journals simultaneously.  Please contact Jon Cavicchi for more information.

UNH Scholars' Repository

Legal Scholarship is a series of the University of New Hampshire Scholars' Repository School of Law Collections.  A service of the law library, it is designed to preserve, promote and disseminate the scholarship and activities of law school faculty in accordance with UNH’s commitment to open access. Items in the repository are indexed by search engines such as Google, making them accessible to a wide audience. The Scholars’ Repository, a BePress hosted Institutional Repository (IR), provides a central location for archiving UNH scholarship for long-term access, promotes the rights of authors to control their intellectual property, and furthers the concept of open access to research. 

A quick video tour of the Author Dashboard, a tool to determine how many readers your scholarship has on the UNH Scholars' Repository and where your readers are located.