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Workstudy opportunity at the Law Library

Looking to make some money?  Come work for the Law Library!!

Now that the semester is underway, are you looking for some more money?  The law library has two new work-study job  positions for Student Collection Management Assistants.  This is an active position—helping the law librarians with filing, pocket parts, shelving books…    Because it is a little more “work” than “study,”  we’re going to pay more for your work in this position - $12 per hour.

Parliamentarians Celebrate!

Just what any good parliamentarian needs to ensure all deliberations are smooth, orderly and fair.

"The only current authorized edition of the classic work on parliamentary procedure" is now available.  Anyone who is working with town councils, homeowners associations, or other formal meetings may find these revised procedures extremely helpful.

Library Staff Welcomes New Librarian

Tom Hemstock joins the Law Library staff on October 27th as the new Reference / Electronic Resources Librarian. Tom will be responsible for: developing, managing and promoting the library's electronic resources; teaching required and elective legal research classes; maintaining the research portion of the library's web pages; contributing to the library's blog; working with faculty to support their scholarly research; and providing general reference services. Tom received his J.D.