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The library offers maps to aid you in finding your way around the Library and the law school. They are not drawn to scale nor are they intended to be the definitive answer to where materials are located.

MAIN FLOOR (Second Floor)

  • Enter the Library from the hallway behind the school's receptionist's desk
  • The circulation desk is the check-in point for visitors, alumnae/i and attorney members
  • The Reserve Collection takes up the shelves behind the circulation desk
  • Computers for student use are located across from the circulation desk in the Computer Corral.
  • Also on the main floor is The Frank and Loretta Kenison Room, a gift of the Saturley Family in honor of Frank R. Kenison, former Chief Justice of the New Hampshire Supreme Court.
  • The Kenison Room also houses a collection of old English law books donated to the Library in honor of former Laconia Judge Harry E. Trapp.
  • The reference collection and library offices comprise the remainder of the library space on this floor.
  • Take the elevator or stairs to the first and third floors.


  • The O-T-C or the Online Training Center is located on the first floor. This is where students meet for legal research classes.
  • Access to the first floor is provided via a stairway or elevator from the second and third floors.
  • The first floor contains the basic collection of federal and state primary legal authorities including

    • federal statutes
    • federal agency regulations
    • federal case law
    • treaties to which the United States is a party
  • Secondary legal authorities are also housed on the first floor.
  • The first floor also holds the treatise collection, arranged according to the Library of Congress classification system.
  • This floor is designated as a quiet study zone.


  • The third floor houses the Intellectual Property Library which opened in 1995.
  • It provides a specialized multi-media collection devoted to intellectual property law.
  • The entire third floor is designated as a quiet study zone.