Remote Access to Electronic Resources

As the library blog migrates to a new format I am reposting the "greatest hits" from the old blog. These entries have been updated with new web links where appropriate and reformatted for the new blog. Think of these entries as catching up with old friends or learning about a resource that you missed the first time.

The entry below was originally published by Roberta Woods on March 6, 2009.

Your login credentials for access to any of the proprietary, licensed databases listed on QuickClicks are on your Pierce Law ID card. Login name is your first name followed by a space and your last name. [e.g. John Smith] The other field required is the barcode from your ID card. While doing remote location research, if you keep the browser open that you used when you logged in, you won't have to repeat the login process for additional searches in other proprietary resources.

Students are issued ID cards, but faculty and staff must request one with a barcode. The login for electronic resources is NOT the same as the one you use for your email.

The web page with the form you fill out for remote access looks something like this:

Update: 9/20/10. UNH Law information added.