Kluwer IP Law Library Now Available

We know many of you don't like to deal with those loose leaf services to do research. Over the last year we have migrated those from Aspen, CCH and Kluwer to the online versions now available via the Library home page. This means you can use those dozens of premium titles when you are on a plane, train or automobile!

This month we highlight Kluwer IP Law. With access to Kluwer IP Law you can:

Networking Lawyers! JD Supra & LinkedIn Announce New "Legal Updates" Feature

According to the neat new blog I just discovered called Erickson's Social Networking Law Blog, JD Supra announced a joint effort with LinkedIn to launch "Legal Updates," described as:

"the first and only application specifically created to distribute legal content (and help lawyers connect with the right people) on the world's largest professional network."